Monday, May 2, 2011

fun facts..

Bila aku baca blog mieyra, aku rse nak buat jugak mcm yg mieyra buat. So, ini lah dia 50 fakta tentang aqem amran! Mieyra buat 100 facts, tapi aku buat separuh je lah. Yg lebih tu korg la bgtau aku!

Here goes..

1)     Nama saya Mohd Aqem bin Amran. That’s how it spells and Amran is my dad’s name. Stop feel confusing.
2)     The 2nd, the most awesome.
3)     Lahir di Kuala Lumpur, tapi stay dkat Selangor sampai skrg.
4)     I speak Malay as my main language, English as my 2nd language and love as my 3rd! Weewitt :D
5)     I’m not into football but I don’t mind watching it. I love the heat and the fun tho.
6)     I’m a big fan of coldplay and Sheila on 7. They have a good taste in music. No doubt!
7)     Sangat mengagumi engineers, footballers and musicians.
8)     I’m a cat person.
9)     I like to eat kambing and feel like having one and name it as Billy.
10) I’m a jeans-type of guy. I don’t do smart casual thingy. Flip flops is the most comfortable footwear in the world.
11) I don’t jog and I eat a lot. Still, I’m not fat :D
12) I think you are pretty if u can make me laugh. And if u are not that sensitive.
13) I don’t drink. Well at least for now. Insyallah, takkan. Amin
14) Saya suka lepak mamak dgn kawan2 baik saya. Order teh o ais dan gelak sampai pagi.
15) I do believe in love but I don’t believe in the idea of relationship. Sorry, saya bukan seorg yg begitu komited.
16)  India or France? India for sure. Romantic place but real people.
17) I wish to do law but I’m doing accountancy instead!
18) Saya jenis cakap lepas, tak reti nak simpan2. Sgt tak bole deal dgn penipu.
20) I wish to serve IKEA meatballs during my wedding day. Can ehh?
21) Tutti frutti as the dessert? Hahaa :D
22) Holding hands while looking at the stars would be a perfect date for me!
23) Asam pedas, kari kambing, dan juga sambal tumis ikan bilis J
24) I don’t tell shit and run. I’ll be responsible for my words.
25) If u caught me talking bad about you behind your back, it’s because you don’t give any significant value in my life. It means, I don’t bicth about my friends behind their back.
26) Me, family then friends! List of my priorities.
27) I choose what I want to believe. And I believe that I’m awesome J
28) According to my definition, jerk is Adda.
29) Converse Jack Purcell is my favorite sneakers and Levi’s is my favorite jeans.
30) I really want to meet Morgan Freeman and have a brunch date with him.
31) I feel naked without my watch. And I wear it on my right hand.
32) As for me, a good song should have good lyrics.
33) I’m get easily provoked but I know how to trigger your sensitivity.
34) I don’t talk and do shit. Tak tau, duduk diam2.
35) Yellow, black and white. Red pun bole :D
36) I was born on 26th September 1990! Libra yaww~
37) I love to debate but I’m not a good debater.
38) Saya sayang ibu, ayah, abang dan adik saya. If u mess with them u are messing with a wrong bitch. I dare you!
39) I’ll be here, waiting for you because I know that you are worth waiting J
40) I was smiling and giggling when I read no 39. Haihh, I am so into u!
41) I love my hair and my fingers too. They are so adorable. Remember no 27? Hehe..
42) I do believe in the idea of karma and karma is a real bitch.
43) Saya paling pantang org bajet baik padahal perangai mcm syaitan nirrojim! Buat malu mak bapak je!
44) I don’t eat expensive foods because I don’t have much money.
45) I don’t talk to strangers but I can get to know them.
46) If I ask u, it means that I care about u. You are important to me at any ways.
47) I was hesitating whether to reveal your name to my readers or not and I’ve decided not to.
48) Saya manusia biasa yg byk dosa dan akan cuba untuk berubah.
49) I took 3 hours to finish this.
50) I wrote this first before no 49!

Mission accomplished and you just ignore the grammatical errors. Thank you J


  1. homaigodd kari kambing aqem?
    terbaikk! i love kari kambing too!
    yummy yummy!

    Btw omey angat angatt this entry.
    nak2 lg part 39 and 47 =)

  2. ohh man. feels like its me. TOO MUCH COMMON

  3. bes2..huhu..follow cni.. follow aq ye ;)